The North Valley

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Alrighty my friends. Yesterday I went and saw The North Valley play at Kilby Court with my good friend Emily. You guys... we are kind of obsessed. They seriously killed it! It is kind of crazy how I found out about this band. So first off you should know that I have a super soft spot for black and white photos. I don't really know why. They are just my favorite. I love the mood of black and white photos. Anyway, I was on Instagram and one of my friends had like one of The North Valley's photos. It was in black and white, so naturally I clicked on it to see what it was. I found out that it was a local SLC band, so I decided to look them up on Facebook. The rest is pretty much history. I listened to one song, and was completely hooked. It helps that the band members are all pretty easy on the eyes. Just sayin'.
Two weeks later I found out they were playing a show at Kilby, and I frantically asked friends to join me. Emily so kindly accepted, and we were off to see what is now one of our favorite bands. They seriously are just awesome. You know those bands that are just fun to watch? The bands that are just so into the music, so it makes you really into the music? Well if you don't know a band like that you are seriously missing out, and if you do that is The North Valley. You can tell these guys really just LOVE what they are doing. It is purely for fun, meeting people, and making music with their buddies. They have got a good vibe. I usually don't say stuff like that, but it's the only thing that seems fitting.
They have a couple upcoming shows, so if you guys want to check them out I would definitely recommend it! Tickets are usually under $10 as well! How could you say no to that!? There upcoming shows are:
11.9.12 at Mojos in Ogden
11.16.12 at Muse Music in Provo
Listen/buy their music here!
Here are some videos as well! I couldn't find any newer videos, so here are some posted by the band early this year.
I tried taking pictures of these guys, and I failed miserably! I do not know how to operate a digital camera. I just don't. All of my photos came out blurry, so you are getting some blurry photos. I really am so sorry. Again, WARNING: PHOTOS ARE BLURRY. Ok, now you can't get mad at me. I have clearly stated that they are blurry. If you can't handle blury photos then DO NOT scroll down!

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